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Harvard-Westlake School: Nurturing Excellence and Making a Lasting Impact

Harvard-Westlake School: A Legacy of Excellence and Community ImpactFrom humble beginnings as two separate schools to an educational powerhouse that values diversity, community, and educational excellence, Harvard-Westlake School has become a beacon of inspiration for students and educators alike. With a rich history and a commitment to making a positive impact on the world, Harvard-Westlake School has transformed countless lives through its innovative programs and dedication to nurturing empathetic and service-oriented individuals.

A Heritage of Educational Excellence

The Merger that Shaped a Legacy

In the early 1990s, the renowned Harvard School for Boys and Westlake School for Girls made a groundbreaking decision. They decided to merge, creating a new institution that would bring the best of both worlds together.

This merger gave rise to the Harvard-Westlake School, a place where students could thrive academically while also benefiting from a diverse and inclusive community. The merger was a transformative experience that united two prestigious institutions with storied histories.

The Harvard School for Boys, established in 1900, had a long-standing reputation for academic rigor and excellence. On the other side, the Westlake School for Girls, founded in 1904, prioritized empowering young women and providing them with a comprehensive education.

By coming together, Harvard-Westlake School harnessed the strengths of each school, creating a more inclusive and well-rounded educational experience for all its students. Today, the school stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and how institutions can evolve and adapt to an ever-changing world.

A Mission that Defines Harvard-Westlake

At the core of Harvard-Westlake School is a mission to inspire excellence, promote learning in its varied forms, and foster kindness and inclusivity. The school believes that education is not just about academic achievement but is also about nurturing individuals who will make a positive impact in their communities.

Harvard-Westlake School embraces diversity in all its forms, recognizing the importance of a multicultural and inclusive community in preparing students for the globalized world they will soon encounter. By fostering an environment that celebrates different perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds, the school empowers students to become empathetic and compassionate individuals.

The values of community spirit and educational excellence are deeply ingrained in Harvard-Westlake’s DNA. The school encourages students to take ownership of their learning and actively participate in their communities.

From engaging in service projects to supporting each other’s endeavors, Harvard-Westlake’s focus on community extends beyond the classroom, creating a nurturing and supportive environment for all.

Impactful Programs that Change Lives

The Righteous Conversations Program

The Righteous Conversations Program is one of Harvard-Westlake School’s most powerful and transformative initiatives. In collaboration with Holocaust survivors, this program aims to teach young people the importance of empathy, understanding, and community engagement.

By connecting students with Holocaust survivors, the Righteous Conversations Program humanizes history and encourages students to develop a deeper appreciation for the power of empathy. Through workshops, discussions, and creative projects, students learn firsthand the importance of standing up against injustice and embracing their role in shaping a better future.

The Service Year Alliance

Recognizing the value of giving back to society, Harvard-Westlake School partners with the Service Year Alliance to offer students an opportunity to take a gap year dedicated to public service. This program provides financial support and guidance for students who wish to spend a year working on projects that directly address real-world issues.

The Service Year Alliance program at Harvard-Westlake School empowers students to make a tangible difference in their communities and develop a deep understanding of the challenges faced by marginalized groups. Whether it’s volunteering with local organizations, engaging in social justice initiatives, or working on sustainability projects, students graduate from this program with a newfound appreciation for the power of service and a commitment to lifelong advocacy.

In Conclusion,

Harvard-Westlake School has established itself as a leader in educational excellence, community impact, and inspiring empathy in a rapidly changing world. Through its rich history and commitment to diversity, Harvard-Westlake School has created an environment where students can thrive academically, emotionally, and morally.

The impactful programs like the Righteous Conversations Program and the Service Year Alliance further solidify the school’s commitment to shaping future leaders who will make a positive impact on the world. As Harvard-Westlake School continues to evolve and adapt, it will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on the lives of its students and the communities they serve.

Admission Process and Notable Alumni

A Selective Admission Process

Harvard-Westlake School’s admission process is designed to identify students who will thrive academically, contribute to the community, and embrace the values and mission of the school. While the school offers admission both in the seventh and ninth grades, the majority of students enter in ninth grade.

The application process begins with a thorough review of each applicant’s resume, recommendations, and ISEE test scores. Harvard-Westlake takes a holistic approach to evaluate applicants, considering both their academic achievements and extracurricular involvement.

The school seeks well-rounded students who demonstrate a passion for learning, leadership potential, and a commitment to community service. Class sizes at Harvard-Westlake School are intentionally kept small to ensure personalized attention and foster meaningful student-teacher relationships.

With an average class size of around 18 students, Harvard-Westlake provides a supportive and engaging learning environment that encourages collaboration and intellectual growth.

Global Impact of Harvard-Westlake Alumni

Harvard-Westlake School boasts an impressive list of alumni who have made significant contributions to various fields. From entertainment to politics, their impact resonates both locally and globally.

Notable alumni include renowned actors Maggie Gyllenhaal and her brother Jake Gyllenhaal, who have captivated audiences with their talent and versatility. Tori Spelling, another Harvard-Westlake alumna, has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry as an actress, author, and television personality.

Her multifaceted career reflects the diverse range of opportunities available to Harvard-Westlake graduates. Even beyond the realm of entertainment, Harvard-Westlake alumni have left their mark in different arenas.

One iconic example is Shirley Temple, who, after charming the world as a child actor, went on to become a respected diplomat, serving as the United States Ambassador to Ghana and later to Czechoslovakia. Harvard-Westlake School has also nurtured talented athletes who have excelled in their respective sports.

The school has produced exceptional basketball players who have gone on to play in college and even professionally. These athletes showcase the school’s dedication to developing well-rounded individuals who excel both academically and athletically.

Financing an Education at Harvard-Westlake

Investing in Education: Tuition and Expenses

Attending Harvard-Westlake School is a significant investment in a student’s future. As a private institution committed to providing an exceptional education, the school maintains high standards while also supporting students who may require financial assistance.

Tuition for Harvard-Westlake School varies depending on the grade level. For the 2021-2022 academic year, tuition for seventh and eighth grades is $43,950, while ninth to twelfth-grade tuition stands at $49,950.

It’s important to note that tuition covers not only the cost of instruction but also resources, facilities, and extracurricular activities that enrich the educational experience. In addition to tuition, there may be other expenses associated with attending Harvard-Westlake.

These expenses can include textbooks, transportation, school supplies, and optional activities such as field trips or specialized programs. Families should carefully consider these additional costs in their financial planning.

Financial Aid and Recognitions

Harvard-Westlake School recognizes the importance of providing accessible education for students from diverse backgrounds. The school is committed to offering need-based financial aid to ensure that talented and deserving students have the opportunity to attend, regardless of their financial circumstances.

Financial aid at Harvard-Westlake School is awarded on a rolling basis, and families are encouraged to apply as early as possible to maximize their chances of receiving aid. The school uses a comprehensive assessment process that considers various factors, including family income, assets, and expenses, to determine the amount of aid granted.

In addition to offering financial aid to eligible families, Harvard-Westlake School also provides scholarships and grants to recognize exceptional talent and achievements in academics, arts, and athletics. These merit-based recognitions celebrate students who exemplify the spirit and values of the school and who demonstrate outstanding potential in their chosen fields.

Harvard-Westlake School’s commitment to providing financial aid and recognitions underscores its dedication to ensuring that all students, regardless of their financial circumstances, have access to a transformative education that prepares them for success. In Conclusion,

Harvard-Westlake School’s admission process aims to attract academically-driven students who will contribute to the diverse and nurturing community.

Notable alumni make a significant impact in various fields, showcasing the school’s ability to develop talent across different industries. While investing in a Harvard-Westlake education comes with financial considerations, the school strives to make education accessible through financial aid and merit-based recognitions.

Harvard-Westlake remains not only a symbol of educational excellence but also a testament to its commitment to molding diverse and accomplished individuals ready to take on the challenges of today’s world.

Extracurricular Opportunities

Athletic Excellence at Harvard-Westlake

Harvard-Westlake School prides itself on offering a wide range of athletic opportunities for students to explore their passions and develop their skills. Whether they aspire to compete at the collegiate level or simply want to stay active and have fun, Harvard-Westlake’s athletic program caters to all interests and skill levels.

The school’s basketball program has gained recognition for consistently producing highly competitive teams, while the water polo team has enjoyed success at the state and national levels. The wrestling team excels in both individual and team competitions, and the lacrosse program continues to grow, offering students a chance to learn and excel in this increasingly popular sport.

For those interested in equestrian sports, Harvard-Westlake’s program provides students with access to top-notch training facilities and opportunities to compete at regional and national levels. These diverse athletic offerings reinforce the school’s commitment to holistic development, promoting teamwork, discipline, and a healthy lifestyle among its students.

Fostering a Sense of Community through Clubs and Organizations

Harvard-Westlake School recognizes the importance of extracurricular activities in nurturing student interests, building leadership skills, and fostering a sense of community. The school offers a wide array of clubs and organizations that cater to a range of interests, allowing students to pursue their passions and connect with like-minded individuals.

One notable club at Harvard-Westlake is Bring Change to Mind. This club focuses on promoting mental health awareness and reducing stigma surrounding mental illnesses.

Through various initiatives and events, students contribute to creating a supportive and inclusive environment for all members of the community. Cadence for a Cause is another impactful organization at Harvard-Westlake that combines a love of music with charitable efforts.

By organizing benefit concerts and performances, students use their artistic talents to raise funds for organizations addressing pressing social issues. The school also places a strong emphasis on environmental consciousness.

Harvard-Westlake’s Habitat for Humanity club provides students with the opportunity to make a direct impact on their community by participating in service projects that focus on affordable housing solutions. Moreover, the club fosters an awareness of environmental sustainability by incorporating eco-friendly practices into its initiatives.

Showcasing Artistic and Campus Expansion

The Westflix Film Festival and Fostering Artistic Talent

Harvard-Westlake School recognizes the importance of artistic expression and its role in fostering intellectual and creative growth. The Westflix Film Festival is an annual event that celebrates the talent and creativity of young artists within the school community.

This platform allows students to showcase their short films and share their unique perspectives with a wider audience. Participating in the Westflix Film Festival not only provides students with a chance to gain credit for their artistic endeavors but also gives them a valuable addition to their resume.

This recognition opens doors for students considering a career in the arts, enabling them to demonstrate their skills and passion to prospective colleges and employers. The festival itself serves as a testament to the school’s commitment to nurturing artistic talent and encouraging students to explore their creative potential.

By recognizing and showcasing the work of young filmmakers, Harvard-Westlake School sends a powerful message that artistry and creativity are integral to academic success and personal growth.

Campus Expansion and Commitment to Sustainability

Harvard-Westlake School is dedicated to creating an intellectually stimulating and environmentally sustainable campus for its students. The school’s commitment to sustainability is exemplified through ongoing campus expansion projects that incorporate green building practices and eco-conscious design.

The new campus expansion projects provide exciting opportunities for students and faculty by creating additional spaces for learning, collaboration, and recreation. These expansions also contribute to job opportunities and economic growth within the community as new construction and development take place.

In line with its dedication to sustainability, Harvard-Westlake School integrates environmentally friendly practices into its campus operations and infrastructure. Energy-efficient systems and sustainable materials are prioritized in building design and renovations, reducing the school’s ecological footprint and promoting long-term environmental stewardship.

Furthermore, the campus expansion projects provide significant opportunities for community involvement. Harvard-Westlake School actively seeks input and feedback from students, parents, and faculty throughout the planning and implementation stages.

This inclusive approach fosters a sense of ownership and pride in the community, ensuring that the campus remains a vibrant and integral part of the surrounding neighborhood. In Conclusion,

Harvard-Westlake School’s commitment to providing a well-rounded education extends beyond the classroom.

Through a diverse range of extracurricular opportunities, students can explore their athletic interests, engage in community service, and develop artistic talents. The school’s emphasis on sustainability is evident in its campus expansion projects, which aim to provide students with state-of-the-art facilities while prioritizing environmentally friendly design.

Harvard-Westlake continues to prove its dedication to creating a holistic learning environment that nurtures the talents and passions of its students, prepares them for future success, and fosters a strong sense of community. In conclusion, Harvard-Westlake School stands as a testament to educational excellence, community impact, and fostering holistic development.

Through a merger that united two prestigious institutions, Harvard-Westlake School embodies a mission that values diversity, community, and educational excellence. The school’s impactful programs, such as the Righteous Conversations Program and the Service Year Alliance, mold students into empathetic and service-oriented individuals.

Notable alumni exemplify the global impact of a Harvard-Westlake education. The school’s commitment to accessibility is reflected in financial aid and merit-based recognitions.

The wide range of extracurricular opportunities, including athletics and clubs, fosters personal growth and a strong sense of community. The Westflix Film Festival and campus expansion demonstrate Harvard-Westlake’s dedication to artistic talent and sustainability.

Through its rich history and dedication to holistic development, Harvard-Westlake School inspires students to make a positive impact on the world, creating a legacy that will resonate for generations to come.

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