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Unleash Your Dance Potential: Navigating the Path to College

Title: Exploring Opportunities in Dance: Finding the Perfect College or ProgramAre you passionate about dance and looking for opportunities to pursue it beyond high school? Whether you aspire to become a professional dancer, choreographer, instructor, or simply wish to further your skills and knowledge, finding the right college or program is crucial for your dance journey.

In this article, we will explore the importance of finding a college or program for pursuing dance after high school and provide a comprehensive list of summer dance programs for high school students. Let’s dive in!

Importance of Finding a College or Program for Pursuing Dance

Benefits of Attending a College with a Strong Dance Program

Attending a college with a strong dance program can offer numerous benefits. Firstly, you’ll have access to a well-rounded education that combines technique, theory, and artistic expression, enhancing your dance skills and knowledge.

Additionally, these programs often provide ample performance opportunities, allowing you to showcase your talent and gain valuable stage experience. Furthermore, you will have the chance to study under renowned faculty members who possess extensive industry experience and can guide you in your growth as a dancer.

Overall, attending a college with a strong dance program paves the way for a successful and fulfilling dance career.

Summer Programs as a Way to Explore College Dance Programs

Summer programs can serve as a fantastic way to explore college dance programs before making a long-term commitment. These programs offer intensive training in various dance styles and provide a glimpse into the life of a college dance student.

By experiencing the culture, environment, and curriculum firsthand, you can make an informed decision about which college or program aligns with your goals and aspirations. Additionally, summer programs often facilitate auditions, scholarships, and networking opportunities, allowing you to stand out during the application process.

Take advantage of these summer programs to discover the perfect fit for your dance education.

Dance Programs Offered by Institutions Other than Colleges

While colleges are popular choices for pursuing dance, it’s essential to be aware of other institutions that offer excellent dance programs. Dance academies, conservatories, and specialized dance schools often provide rigorous training and a more focused approach towards dance education.

These institutions may cater to specific dance styles, such as ballet, contemporary, jazz, or hip-hop, making them ideal for students who want to specialize in a particular genre. Although the academic aspect might not be as comprehensive as in a college setting, these programs can be more performance-oriented and provide ample opportunities to gain practical experience.

Don’t limit your options solely to colleges, as institutions beyond campuses might offer the perfect dance program tailored to your individual needs.

List of Summer Dance Programs for High School Students

1. AMDA High School Summer Conservatory- Dance Theatre (Los Angeles, CA): This program offers intensive training in dance theory, technique, and performance arts, focusing on various dance genres.

2. Juilliard Summer Dance Intensive (New York, NY): The Juilliard School’s prestigious summer program offers unparalleled training in ballet, contemporary, and choreographic studies, under the guidance of renowned faculty.

3. UNC School of the Arts Comprehensive Dance Summer Intensive (Winston-Salem, NC): UNC’s program provides a comprehensive curriculum that includes ballet, modern, jazz, and choreography, complemented by workshops and performances.

4. Long Lake Camp for the Arts Overnight Dance Camp (Long Lake, NY): This overnight camp caters to dancers of all skill levels and offers a diverse range of dance styles along with recreational activities.

5. Pacific Northwest Ballet Summer Course (Seattle, WA): Renowned for its ballet program, this intensive offers rigorous training in ballet technique, pas de deux, pointe work, and contemporary dance.

6. Barnard Pre-College Program – Dance Track (New York, NY): Barnard College’s summer program provides young dancers with immersive training in ballet, modern, jazz, and composition, preparing them for a college dance experience.

7. Complexions Contemporary Ballet Academy Summer Intensive (Detroit, MI): This intensive focuses on contemporary ballet and provides professional-level training, workshops, and performances.

8. Houston Ballet Academy Center for Dance Summer Program (Houston, TX): The Houston Ballet Academy’s program offers rigorous ballet training along with classes in pointe work, character, contemporary, and men’s ballet.

9. Atlanta Ballet Summer Intensive Program (Atlanta, GA): Atlanta Ballet’s intensive offers training in ballet, pointe, modern, jazz, and character dance, with an emphasis on technique and artistry.

10. The Rock School Summer Ballet Intensive (Philadelphia, PA): Recognized as one of the nation’s leading ballet training institutions, The Rock School’s program offers exceptional ballet training and performance opportunities.


In this article, we have discussed the importance of finding a college or program for pursuing dance after high school. We explored the benefits of attending a college with a strong dance program, the value of summer programs in exploring college dance programs, and alternative dance programs offered by institutions other than colleges.

Additionally, we provided a comprehensive list of summer dance programs for high school students to consider. Whether you choose a college, conservatory, or specialized dance institution, the key is to find a program that aligns with your goals, aspirations, and overall dance journey.

Embrace the opportunities available and watch your passion for dance flourish. In conclusion, finding a college or program for pursuing dance after high school is of paramount importance for aspiring dancers.

Whether attending a college with a strong dance program, exploring college dance programs through summer programs, or considering alternative dance programs offered by institutions other than colleges, the opportunities for growth and success in dance are vast. By choosing the right program, students can receive comprehensive training, gain performance experience, and learn from experienced faculty members.

The list of summer dance programs provided offers a starting point for high school students to explore and discover their passion. Remember, the journey in dance is a personal one, and finding the perfect program or college is crucial.

Embrace the opportunities available and let your passion for dance soar.

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